Welcome to the Zumbi-Blocks WikiEdit

The wiki dedicated to Zumbi-Blocks alpha 0.7.0. Feel free to contribute if we miss anything!

How should I use this wiki?Edit

This wiki is for use by the public as a reference guide for all avid Zumbi Blocks players. If you want to help us expand the wiki, feel free to do so! If you think that we've missed something important, either tell us or edit it yourself. It goes without saying that we don't know everything and we can't do everything. We don't know how to dissect game mechanics, but we can give a brief overview for you. If that's not enough then help us make this wiki better and add in some more complicated stuff. Post a comment and tell us how we're doing, but please no hatemail and please respect us and other users. Be polite, respect other users, contribute and enjoy the wiki for what it is. Thanks for your co-operation.

Who's working on this wiki?Edit

Well, first off there's me, BritishTeq. I'm the main admin of the wiki, responsible for starting it up and contributing pages. If you have any problems or queries, or you want to tell me something that I could be doing better then just drop me a message and I'll take a look at it.

Then there's Metric Onion. He's our secondary contributor who pops in occasionally to add a few pages here or there. If I'm not available then drop him a message and he'll pass it on to me or fix it himself.

Then there's you! You the user of this wiki. Contribute as much as you can and help make our lives a little easier. If you contribute a lot then we may consider making you a member of staff. Please respect us, members of staff and other users. Thanks, we're much obliged.

Makin great progress!Edit

This wiki has made fantastic progress recently! Thanks for all of your contributions. I went away for a while and when I came back we had DOUBLED our pages! Keep up the good work and hopefully I'll be able to appoint some members of staff soon!

Latest activityEdit

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